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What we do

As a mid-value-chain grains aggregating company, we are helping galvanize capital into primary food productions, but more importantly, enabling small-holder farmers to access the right inputs, best practice knowledge, and profitable market access for their products. Since 2015, our business has not only worked to help offer solutions to agricultural problems, but we have also built experiences and thriving communities of small-holders farmers sharing trust and belief that they can indeed achieve better living by cultivating their lands with the support system our programs are providing them.

From our operations with these small-holder farmers, we are generating profits and making an impact. We provide farmers access to loan inputs (such as fertilizers), best practice crop cultivation knowledge, and profitable markets in exchange for grains as inputs loan repayments, and off-take. We further clean and sell grains collected from these farmers to our end-use customers—therefore contributing to solving raw material supply chain challenges for large agro-industrial food processing companies.

How we do it

We take three (3) unique approaches in implementing our program with smallholder farmers across communities.

1. Firstly, we identify communities where our target crops (maize, paddy rice, and Soybeans) are largely cultivated, work with community leaders to identify viable farmers, verify the location and size of their lands, capture their biometrics, and enlist qualified farmers into our CIGABAN MANOMA (PROGRESSIVE FARMERS) program using WORKBENCH ERP SOFTWARE.

2. Secondly, we divide the enlisted farmers in each community into groups called Accountability Group (AG); each comprising four (4) farmers – President, secretary, and two members. Four gender equality and youth inclusivity, two members of each AG must be women and youths. We enter an executed agreement with these farmers with signed guarantees from their community leaders - clearly stating their commitments under our program.

3. Lastly, we provide these farmers with the training and the inputs they need to cultivate their lands on credits. Beginning in 2022, inputs will include AGROTAIN for urea treatment to prevent Nitrogen loss from soil. we require farmers to pay back the inputs loan with grains after harvests at prices below market rate and off-take their excess grains at above market rate.

We strongly believe that with access to the right inputs, knowledge, and markets, farmers achieve higher yields and income for themselves and their families.