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Hemam Synergy

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Hemam Synergy

Our Innovation

We deploy Agricultural Operating System (AOS, licensed from a third party) is a technology platform designed specifically for the agriculture industry. It integrates various data sources, such as weather, soil conditions, and crop health, to provide farmers with insights and actionable recommendations. We use AOS to optimize crop planning, irrigation scheduling, pest management, and overall farm operations, resulting in increased yields, reduced costs, and improved sustainability. Because we are passionate about transforming the way farming is done, we have introduced the following innovative practices to further drive our commitment of increasing yields per hectare:

Solar Irrigation System

This is our latest innovative system of farming that enables farmers to access reliable and sustainable water sources for their crops during dry season.

Grains Processing/Improvement Services

This process involves transforming raw grains into better quality products through further cleaning, sorting, milling, and refining. The aim is to enhance their quality, texture, and nutritional value to meet market demands for convenient and nutritious grain products.

Agri-SMS Services:

We are leveraging digital channel such as SMS (Short Message Service) technology to provide agricultural information and updates to farmers. This includes weather forecasts, market prices, and farming tips, enabling farmers to make informed decisions and improve their farming practices.

Solar-Powered Grain Processing:

We are introducing solar-powered grain processing that uses solar energy to operate machinery and equipment for cleaning, sorting, milling, and refining grains. It is eco-friendly and cost-effective method that reduces reliance on traditional energy sources and promotes sustainable agriculture.