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Hemam Synergy

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Hemam Synergy

Our Model

Farmer Onboarding

We assist in onboarding farmers with our AOS technology, helping them become part of our support network. This includes providing information about our services, requirements, and benefits to encourage farmers to join and participate.

Farm Mapping

We conduct farm mapping, which involves accurately mapping and documenting the land owned by farmers, identify the coordinates and its sizes, as well as viability, especially soil texture, slope, and proximity to water. This helps in planning and implementing efficient farming strategies and interventions.

Field Monitoring

We regularly monitor the fields of farmers to assess crop growth, identify potential issues, and provide timely advice and support. This monitoring is conducted by field officers assigned to each Accountability Group (AG) to ensures that farmers receive guidance throughout the farming process, leading to improved yields.

Grain Offtake, Procurement and Warehousing

In addition to receiving grains from our smallholder farmers as payment for our services, we also offtake and purchase surplus grains from them at a more competitive rate than what they would obtain from grain merchants. These grains are then transported to our warehouses after undergoing additional cleaning at our grain enhancement center.

Inventory Management

This process involves meticulously documenting the grains present in the warehouses, including those received from farmers and those purchased before storage. It also involves diligent quality checks and monitoring to identify and segregate any grains that may be contaminated by fungi.


This involves selling our high-quality grains to our highly esteemed customers who are majorly agro-allied and food processing companies, who uses our premium grains as raw materials for their production needs.