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Taking grass root farming to the next level

Welcome to
Hemam Synergy

We seek out opportunities that create broad base impacts,
by covering the grass root level farming and development

Changing the way we see farming


We are building a network for change and development by
Organizing farmers and creating development opportunities

About Us

Pure Agriculture

Networking Farmers, Suppliers and The Market Place

At Hemam Synergy Ltd, we relentless seek out opportunities that create broad-base impacts. Be it for the sectors we operate in, the businesses we engage in, the people we work with or our stakeholders, at the heart of what we do is to create positive and lasting impacts, and to create wealth.

  • Equipping farmers with modern day tools

  • Connecting farmers with suppliers and a wider audience

  • Building a network for all things agriculture

Agriculture Matters for
the Future of Development

What we’re doing

Services We Offer

Training and Personnel Development

We train and build farmers registered under in oder to increase productivity


Our food processing process is the best as we ensure quality


Our farm produce include Maize, Soya Bean, Rice and Palm Kernel


We are currently pushing out new tools and applications to help farmers

Networking Farmers

We have different chapters opened to allow farmers network and grow


We are focused on the growth and development of each of our individual farms

We Deliver

We provide our farmers with all the needed tools to grow better crops

We Grow with love

Our farmers grow best the healthy products

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Our Farmers

A quick guide about us

How Can We Help?

We are interested
in helping you scale.
and grow your farm.

  • Processing of goods

  • Storage and warehousing

  • Management and education

  • Ensuring quality produce

  • Integrating Agriculture with Technology

Our Company Provides a Full Range of Services?

How do we manage our farms?

Our farmers are autonomous and function on their own. We assign them managers to make sure they meet our productivity

How do we involve tech in our farms ?

Our plans for the future ?


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Looking for Agricultural Services?

We are here to partner you with farmers and also help local farmers scale and grow their farms.

  • Build with us
  • Grow with us
  • Broaden your network