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Taking grass root farming to the next level

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Hemam Synergy

We seek out opportunities that create broad base impacts,
by capacitating rural smallholder farmers to produce more

Changing the way we see farming


We are modelling the biggest chain of sustainable food systems in Nigeria

About Us

Building Sustainable Food Systems

Defragmenting the Nigerian food systems and increasing the livelihood of smallholder farmers

At Hemam Synergy, we are supporting poor rural smallholder farmers in Nigeria to achieve better yield per hectare for food security and to promote financial inclusion. We are helping to solve the inputs, knowledge, and market gap challenges of smallholder farmers in Nigeria and tackling the raw material supply-chain problems that large agro-industrial and food processing companies continue to face in Nigeria. Grains supplies remain largely disintegrated and fragmented for most of the large agro-industrial and food processing companies operating in Nigeria. This is because, the movement of grains from farmers to processors still largely take the path of “Small-holder farmers-Grains Merchants (who mostly operate informally but with lots of cash)-Processors”.

  • Building a chain of sustainable food systems to feed Nigeria`s rising population

  • Disrupting the cycle of poverty and hunger in Nigeria-particularly for smallholder farmers

  • Modelling the fastest growing mid-value chain agro financing and grain aggregation company in Nigeria.

We are catalysing new ways
of smallholder farmers engagement

Through our innovative process of capacitating smallholder farmers the base of Nigeria’s primary food production, we are changing the narrative of Nigeria’s agricultural ecosystem

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Services We Offer

Financing and Tranings

In a bid to achieving zero hunger, job creation, economic growth, social and financial inclusion, we provide credible and transparent funding channels for agro-inputs to smallholder farmers. Additionally, we train smallholder farmers on best agronomy practices to enable them achieve better yields.

Grain Aggregation
and Warehousing

We serve as premium market channel to smallholder farmers by aggregating and procuring grains from them. We also provide market linkages to the farmers we are unable to directly offtake.

Grain Supply

We are a trusted partner for delivering high-quality grains to large industrial agro-processing companies and consumer markets thus defragmenting access to quality raw materials for production needs.


We are currently pushing out new tools and applications to help farmers

Networking Farmers

We have different chapters opened to allow farmers network and grow


We are focused on the growth and development of each of our individual farms

We Deliver

We provide our farmers with all the needed tools to grow better crops

We Grow with love

Our farmers grow best the healthy products

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We are interested
in helping you scale.
and grow your farm.

  • Processing of goods

  • Storage and warehousing

  • Management and education

  • Ensuring quality produce

  • Integrating Agriculture with Technology

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How do we manage our farms?

Our farmers are autonomous and function on their own. We assign them managers to make sure they meet our productivity

How do we involve tech in our farms ?

Our plans for the future ?


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We are here to partner you with farmers and also help local farmers scale and grow their farms.

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