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Hemam Synergy Ltd. is a mid-value chain agro financing and grain aggregation company. We essentially work with smallholder farmers to increase their production capacity to achieve more yield per hectare by providing them with the best agronomy practices, in addition to farming inputs loans (such as fertilizers and herbicides) and market access for the produce/grains. In return for financing (input loans) and supports services, we receive a pre-agreed number of bags of grains at harvest, which we then store and sell to food processing companies.

The company started out in 2015 with $3,571 USD (N1,500,000) procuring grains from smallholder farmers and selling them to food processing companies. Since then, we have diversified into financing farmers for better productivity. Our inputs loans to farmers are re-paid by a small portion of grains from their improved yield. So far, we have supported over 6,000 smallholder farmers to produce over 8,000 tons of maize and now generate annual revenue of $1,200,000. While buying grains from smallholder farmers, we noticed the problem of poor productivity among rural farmers – nearly the lowest productivity per hectare globally. Hence, we decided to provide support and input loans to boost productivity. Consequently, we set our sights on building a billion-dollar agro-financing, support, and aggregating company by reaching out and supporting one million smallholder farmers by 2035.

We support farmers to achieve better yield for food security and promote financial inclusion when they sell excess produce at competitive prices through our market linkages, help food processing companies secure qualitative inputs, and make reasonable profits in the process. We operate by working with community leaders to identify and onboard credible farmers and we enter executed contracts with them clearly stating repayment terms. We then divide the farmers into smaller sets of four farmers called Accountability groups and provide the necessary inputs and support. For gender and youth inclusion, we ensure all Accountability Groups comprise 50% females and youths.

In our 2021 operation, we partnered with Afex Commodity Trading Ltd and Sterling Bank PLC to part-finance the inputs loans we provided to our farmers. We have also secured the technical partnership of the International Institute for Tropical Agriculture (IITA) to help train and advise our team and farmers on best agronomy practices to help our maize farmers adopt best practices and achieve our target yield of 5 tons per hectare. As a company focused on improving the capacities of small-holder farmers, our primary mandate is to ensure that small-holder farmers enlisted into the Hemam Farmers Program have access to high-quality inputs and knowledge for growing their crops. We push forward with our commitments to foster access to affordable and high-quality farm inputs for thousands of small-holder farmers in Nigeria.

Building Sustainable Food Systems

Maize and rice constitute some of Nigeria`s most important daily diets. Annually, large agro-allied industries and food processing companies demand millions of tons of these grains as raw materials for their production. Despite the apparent significance of these grains to Nigeria`s food systems, today, small-holder farmers, who are arguably responsible for 95% of Nigeria`s primary food productions continue to face the challenges of access to quality farm inputs, knowledge gab, and profitable markets for their produce. As a result, relative to other countries, Nigeria’s smallholder farmers record some of the lowest yields per hectare in the world. Beyond low harvests, the quality of grains harvested by these small-holder farmers continues to fall below expectations, and sometimes, fail to meet basic quality requirements for use as agro-industrial raw materials. There is also the challenge of profitable market access. Majority of these smallholder farmers we are supporting live in rural communities and are largely cut off from more profitable markets for their grain products. Mostly, enchanting middlemen who are grains merchants become the real beneficiaries of the profits due to these poor rural farmers. These middlemen understand the business of grains better, so they send out their agents with cash to procure grains from these farmers right from the farm gates at the lowest possible rate, and in turn, sell these grains to large agro-processors at huge profits.

Since our company`s incorporation in 2013, we have continuously focused on working with small-holders rice and maize farmers.Since 2016, We have worked with more than 6000 small-holder rice and maize farmers to help improve their capacities and crop-yields. We group them under our Hemam Farmers Program, provide them the right trainings and inputs; off-take and buyback their maize and paddy rice produce at harvests. Our key goal here is to help improve the socio-economic lives of small-holder farmers we work with—and even more importantly, to create wealth for our stakeholders and investors.

Building the infrastructural and technology backbone for integrated grains market in Nigeria.

As we support small-holder farmers to drive up primary food production, we are also setting up the infrastructural and technological backbone that will support and integrate key processes that will be required to effectively harvest logistics, storage, and supply-chain needs. Warehousing and post-harvest crop handling are one of the biggest challenges smallholder farmers continue to face. For instance, 47% of smallholder farmers have no good storage facility to store their grains after harvest. As part of the integrated solutions we are providing, we are setting up warehouses to help farmers store their grains until they are ready to sell. In addition, we are offering collateral management services to banking and non-banking financial services institutions willing to lend against a collateralizable warehouse receipt for grain procurements.

Collateral Management and Storage Services.

As we capacitate thousands of small-holder farmers to produce more food and to access the right market, we are also caving the pathways for the capital inflow rural small-holder farmers need to produce more food. We are achieving this through serving as collateral managers for financial institutions advancing loan facilities for cultivation and aggregation of grains from small-holder farmers. This is in addition to building storage infrastructure to hold harvested grains through our Warehouse Receipt System for small-holder famers until they are ready to be sold or consumed.

Solving supply chain challanges for large agro processing companies.

In addition to helping smallholder farmers to enhance their farm yields through access to farm inputs and enabling best agronomy practices adoption. We also aggregate grains and provide agro-processing companies seamless access to premium grain raw materials.

Our field team

We have a unique team composition for our operations. Our Project Manager (PM) whose responsibility is to oversee the overall operations and ensure all objectives and goals of the project are achieved. Then we have Community Project Managers (CPMs) whose job is to oversee the implementation of the project across the communities assigned to them. Senior Field Officers (SFOs) supervise the works of (Field Officers) at the ratio of 1 SFO to 10 FOs. Our Field Officers are essentially the backbone of our project implementation as they directly interface and interact with our farmers. They constitute the extension and MEL team of our project

Structuring our farmers

We manage farmers under our program in a unique way We onboard smallholder farmers and capacitate them to produce more crops and earn more income. We achieve these by organizing farmers into accountability groups and assigning them to field officers who monitor them from planting to harvest.

We integrate tech into our farmer's engagement process Apart from local and physical monitoring, we utilize our tailored technology to network, monitor, and capture our farmers as we create thriving communities of smallholder farmers.

Our big picture

We have a bold ambition for the future To provide support and input loans to one million small-holder farmers who will help produce 5 million tons of grains by 2035. This is our bold plan.

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