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Hemam Synergy

Changing the way you see agriculture

Hemam Synergy

What We Offer

Sustainable Farming Solutions

We provide farmers with inputs, tools, and techniques to promote sustainable farming practices. We offer solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of each farmer.

Climate Resilience and Adaptation:

With climate change posing significant challenges to agriculture, we assist farmers in building resilience and adapting to changing environmental conditions. Our experts offer guidance on crop selection, water management, and other strategies to mitigate climate risks.

Market Linkages and Value Chain Integration:

We understand the importance of market access for farmers. Through our extensive network, partnerships, and grains offtake, we establish strong market linkages, ensuring farmers have access to fair prices and a wider customer base. Additionally, we assist in value chain integration to maximize profitability.

Knowledge and Information Sharing

Our commitment to farmer empowerment extends to providing valuable information and knowledge resources. Through workshops, training programs, and digital platforms, we equip farmers with the latest agricultural practices, weather forecast, market trends, and technological advancements.

Clean Energy Solutions

We recognize the importance of clean energy in sustainable agriculture. By promoting renewable energy sources such as solar-power irrigation system and solar-powered rice processing machines, we help farmers reduce their carbon footprint and lower energy costs. We are committed to revolutionizing the entire agriculture value-chain system through our innovations.


Our warehouses have a combined storage capacity of 150,000 metric tons exclusively for grain storage.

Grain Quality Improvement

Recognizing the significance of improving grain quality, we have made substantial investments towards this objective, aiming to achieve an annual production of 160,000 metric tons of premium grains.