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Taking grass root farming to the next level

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Hemam Synergy

A leading agribusiness and energy company committed to revolutionizing the agricultural and energy sector in Africa. With our extensive expertise and dedication to innovation, we are transforming and building a resilience food and energy systems in Africa.
by covering the grass root level farming and development

Changing the way we see farming


We are building a network for change and development by
Organizing farmers and creating development opportunities

Building The Largest Network of Successful Smallholder Famers in Africa

At Hemam Synergy, we believe in the transformative power of agriculture and the immense potential it holds for Africa’s economic growth. Through our innovative approach, we connect rural smallholder farmers with cutting-edge technologies, market opportunities, inputs and expert guidance, empowering them to maximize their productivity and profitability. Join us in revolutionizing the agricultural landscape of Africa and creating a sustainable future for smallholder farmers across the continent.

Smallholder Famers Deserve an Opportunity to Prosper

Empowering smallholder farmers to prosper is our unwavering mission. We believe in breaking barriers, bridging gaps, and providing the tools they need to thrive. We are on a mission to building a future where smallholder farmers rise above challenges, unlock their potential, and contribute to sustainable development. Together, we can create a world where every smallholder farmer prospers.

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Extensive industry operation and experience


Commitment to sustainable agriculture practices


Tailored solutions to meet unique farmers and customers requirements


Strong market linkages and value chain integration


Continuous knowledge sharing and supports

Supply of Quality Grains

Production an supply of high-quality grains such as maize, rice paddy, soybeans, sorghum, wheat, etc.

Clean Energy Value Chain

Emphasis on clean energy solutions (Solar-powered irrigation systems and services as well as solar-powered grain processing)

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Who is Hemam Synergy?

What does Hemam Synergy do?

How is Hemam Synergy leveraging technology to advance the agriculture sector?

How long has Hemam Synergy been in existence?

What is the mission and vision of Hemam Synergy?

Hemam Synergy’s vision is to be one of the most successful and impactful companies that will be ranked amongst the top 100 companies in Africa in terms of Job creation, socio-economic impacts, and annual revenue. To achieve this, Hemam Synergy is committed to her contribution towards building a stable and resilient food and energy systems in Africa by directly capacitating rural smallholder farmers and other key value chain actors to produce and process 5 million tons of food in Africa.

What are Hemam Synergy’s core values?

Who are Hemam Synergy’s stakeholders?

Who comprises the board of Hemam Synergy?

Who are Hemam Synergy’s partners?

What is Hemam Synergy passionate about?

Hemam Synergy is dedicated to securing the long-term profitability and advancement of smallholder farmers and their communities. Our goal is to unlock the full potential of the agricultural sector and foster food security.

Why is Hemam Synergy so passionate about smallholder farmers?

What problem does Hemam Synergy solve and how?

How important is partnership to Hemam Synergy?

What is Hemam Synergy's goal for the next 10 years?