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Hemam Synergy

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Hemam Synergy

About Us

Who We Are

Hemam Synergy is a sustainable agribusiness and energy company dedicated to supporting rural smallholder farmers in building climate resilience and contributing to the stability of Africa’s food system by initiating efforts in Nigeria. At Hemam Synergy, we provide farmers with the necessary inputs, technology, and information to adapt to climate change. Through our unique intervention, we not only help increase their yields per hectare but also provide market linkages, create job opportunities, and improve the socio-economic well-being of these farmers.

Since 2019, Hemam Synergy has supported over 30,000 smallholder farmers across rural communities in Nigeria, traded over 100,000 metric tons of grains and generated an economic value of over 12 billion naira. Our goal is to progressively scale our impact-oriented model to improve the production capacity of low-income farmers.

Our Mission

To contribute to building a stable and resilient food and energy systems in Africa by directly capacitating rural smallholder farmers and other key value chain actors for food security in Nigeria and Africa at large

Our Vision

To be one of the most successful and impactful companies that will be ranked amongst the top 100 companies in Africa in terms of Job creation, socio-economic impacts, and annual revenue.

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  • Processing of goods

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  • Management and education

  • Ensuring quality produce

  • Integrating Technology with Agriculture

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How do we manage our farms?

Our farmers are autonomous and function on their own. We assign them managers to make sure they meet our productivity

How do we involve tech in our farms ?

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