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Hemam Synergy

How we work

Farmers Onboarding

This is the first step of our process where we identify viable farmers in communities that grains are largely cultivated. We capture their biometrics and enlist qualified farmers using our propriety Hemam AOS Software and divide them into Accountability Groups (AG) of four members.

Farm Mapping

We verify their farmlands – specifically-taking coordinates, measuring size, soil texture, slope, and proximity to water of their farmlands. by visiting them and their farms regularly

Input Distribution

In this third step, we distribute inputs to approved and verified farmers enlisted with our programme. Inputs include fertilizers, seeds and crop protection products.

Farm Monitoring

We carry out four rounds of monitoring and evaluation (pre-planting, planting, post planting support and harvesting) through our MEL Team (Field Officers-FOs and Senior Field Officers-SFOs) who visit farmers in the field, to monitor and evaluate crop management on the farms and carry out crop development assessment.


We closely work with the farmers during harvest. We deploy Field Officers-FOs and Senior Field Officers-SFOs team to monitor harvesting operations, assess yield achieved per hectare, ensure loan repayment and transportation to the collection centres and warehouses.

Inventory Management

We weigh, clean, dry and admit grains received from farmers into our warehouses and open storage centres using Grainpro solutions.